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Homeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years.

Yehudi Menuhin

Phil gradually transferred my medication to Homeopathic remedies that were both effective and I experienced no side effects at all

My name is Peter Forrestill and I have been treated by Phil for the last 12 years. I had undergone quintuple heart bypass surgery the previous year after suffering a heart attack but was experiencing very uncomfortable side effects from all the drugs I was required to take. I approached Phil and over the following six months we gradually transferred my medication to Homeopathic remedies that were both effective and I experienced no side effects at all. This change of treatment was also overseen by my practice nurse at the surgery, who monitored the treatment and although she did not sanction my change over, she knew I had seriously researched it and it was not going to be a light undertaking on my behalf and I have been taking this remedy ever since. Over the years of treatment, I have also had thermal imaging scans done to monitor the condition of my heart and that of my general health that have been overseen by independent specialists in this field. More recently Phil has been treating me for a series of cluster strokes which I experienced 18 months ago, however this time, I am taking my Homeopathic remedy alongside more conventional medicines of both blood thinning and cholesterol medication, managing my condition to the satisfaction of both parties, and more importantly myself. On no occasion have I been told by Phil not to visit my GP or to cease taking any prescribed medication, it has always been my informed choice, and will continue to be my preferred choice of treatment.

Peter Forrestill

Phil sorted my foot problem out within a couple of weeks, and 12 years on I haven’t suffered from this condition since

I am writing this to confirm that I have known Phil and Rosa Hughes for more than 12 years.

I approached his Homeopathic Clinic when I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis having been to my GP and getting prescribed powerful pain killers, which did not treat the condition, only the pain until the next dose of pain killers were needed. Phil sorted my foot problem out within a couple of weeks and 12 years on, I haven’t suffered from this condition since. From then on, and for various medical conditions, I have been treated by Phil successfully and at no time whatsoever has either he or Rosa discouraged me from using conventional medicine. It has been my decision and my decision alone to seek homeopathic remedies and I will continue to do so as I deem necessary.


Phil supported my decision to have my baby at home, but he spent a lot of time with me discussing the benefits of having my baby in hospital and really championed the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool

I have been a patient/client of Phil’s for coming up to 6 years. I have attended his clinic on numerous occasions over the years for various different reasons. I can categorically confirm that Phil has never ever dissuaded me from any orthodox medical treatment in anyway shape or form. He always conducts himself with the greatest level of professionalism. He listens, is objective and very considerate with complete humility. He has a huge amount of respect for the National Health Service and the work they do. During my pregnancy, I was adamant that I wanted to have my baby at home. Although Phil was supportive of my personal decision, he spent a lot of time with me discussing the benefits of having the baby at the hospital and really championed the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool and all the staff there. Phil is always impartial with the advice he offers.

Kate Bentley 

Phil took his time to observe my son and he was very kind and caring

Thank you so much for the advice and remedy for my son. I came to you after he was taken into hospital at two months old. He fell unconscious and after staying in hospital for four days, they gave him drugs and said that it was normal for him to have reflux.

I wasn’t happy with his response to the prescribed drugs so I contacted my friend who sent me to Phil. I met with Phil and he took his time to observe my son and he was very kind and caring. He gave us a remedy for him and it worked. Since then I have turned to him for a couple of other remedies which have also worked.

Thank you once again,

Phil advised my dad to continue to attend hospital appointments to ensure he was making informed decisions about his health

My Name is Cheryl McCormack, I am a social work practitioner. On the 5th November 2016 my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. I started to do my own research, searching world wide for alternative therapies for a better success rate. It was then through a trusted friend, that Phil Hughes was recommended to me. Both Phil and Rosa supported me and my dad throughout his illness, with homeopathy, medical thermal imaging and emotional support. My dad saw Phil regularly, right up until his death and I attended every appointment with him. At no point did Phil or Rosa ever advise me or my dad, not to take the conventional medical treatment, instead Phil advised my dad to continue to attend hospital appointments along side his work, to ensure my dad was making informed decisions about his health. After asking lots of questions at the hospital and consultations with a registrar, my dad took into account the side affects of Chemotherapy and the fact he was already terminal, it was then he made the decision to try the alternative route, which I fully supported.

On the 22nd June 2017 my dad died, but he managed to keep a good quality of life until near the end. I believe this is because he chose to take the least evasive approach on the body to try and beat cancer. My dad was an intelligent man, good judge of character and able to make independent decisions. My dad had a lot of trust in Phil and homeopathy, as did I and still do. My dad also fully supported the NHS, but did respectfully decline their service of chemotherapy, as he was told this would not save him, but only prolong his life for a few months. I fully supported his decision and do not regret the choices he made going alternative, I only am saddened that although my dad had routine check ups with the GP,  this was not detected until stage 4.

Cheryl McCormack

Thanks to Phil and Homeopathy I can still have a good quality of life.

I am Olga Ossipova and I have known Phil and Rosa Hughes for over 10 years now. Phil treated me and still treats me and all my family for different health issues. I have MS and other health situations that Phil helps me with. I have never experienced any influence or pressure from his side not to be treated through normal medication. I have my own choice to decide what is good for me and my family and helps best! I have tried normal medication, while still being treated with Phil and it doesn’t work for me and causes me more health issues. Thanks to Phil I can still look after my health through homeopathy and still have good quality of life.

Olga Ossipova

Professional Care, Discussing Treatments Openly and Honestly

My name is Vivienne Forrestill and I have been a patient of Phil Hughes for 13years, he first treated me when i developed a huge lump in my throat that was affecting my voice, my swallowing and I had 40 ulcers in my mouth which I had been receiving treatment from Liverpool Dental Hospital for 4 years prior to attending Phil’s practice.

Phil successfully treated the ulcers which had gone within days, never to return, he has also treated me for an ear infection, an eye problem, pleurisy, chest infection and sore throat. I have also had regular Thermal Imaging scans for early detection of Breast Cancer. More recently he has been treating me for hip pain for which I am undergoing hip replacement surgery tomorrow.

Phil has never asked me not to visit my own GP or other specialists in any of these treatments, it is my decision to attend his practice, and it is always my first point of call if I am unwell and it always will be my preference of treatment.

He is always professional in his care, informative, discussing treatments openly and honestly and I always feel confident that he will get me back to full health again.

Vivienne Forrestill

Homeopathic Treatment Complemented the Conventional Treatment

I can confirm that in the twelve years I have know Phil and Rosa I have received many homeopathic treatments which have helped me tremendously where conventional medicines and treatment has fallen well short of my needs. I must emphasize that the homeopathic treatment received complemented the conventional treatment provided by my GP, and at no time was it ever suggested that homeopathic remedies was a substitute.

Personally I cannot speak highly enough of the help and care that Phil and Rosa have given me, especially on the many occasions where my GP seemed content to simply dole out endless pain killers to treat the symptoms rather than tackling the root cause of the problem.

J. Volynchook

Homeopathy as an adjunct to Cancer

In November 2000, I had an aggressive Sarcoma Tumour removed along with my left lung.

Shortly after surgery I was referred to Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield for ‘follow up’ treatments where I was offered both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At around the same time, I first visited Waterloo Homeopathic Clinic on a friends recommendation.

After this initial introduction to Homeopathy I began ti educate myself about my condition and possible treatments. Consequently I considered chemotherapy to be a crude option and decided to refuse it. However, the frightening thought of this aggressive tumour returning encourages me to go ahead with a six week course of radiotherapy as a precaution alongside Homeopathic treatment.

Accordingly this holistic approach resulted in my immune system being boosted by Homeopathy and my body prepared for this medical treatment. Leading up to the radiotherapy and during the six weeks of treatments, I took a rang of Homeopathic remedies.

Radium Brom, in my opinion, was undoubtedly the input that enabled me to go through an intense course of treatment daily and continue my healthy recovery. I didn’t miss a days work and finished a half marathon only three weeks after completing the radiotherapy.

I have since remained in good health and all checks been clear.

The purpose of writing this letter, is to endorse the use of Homeopathic treatments solely or along side others as I have done and still do with great success.

Once again, many thanks.

Craig Hall

Anxiety attacks – ‘I threw away my Inhalers’

For two years i struggled with anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, sore, red, raised chapped lips covering my mouth and part of my chin and dry, red, itchy eyes. I had been to see my GP monthly over a period of two years and was prescribed antidepressants, steroid creams and antibiotics. Antidepressants made me numb to any emotion, made me feel nauseous and ‘spaced out’, but did not make me feel better. Steroid creams would BEGIN to heal my skin but as soon as i stopped using it, my skin would become irritated again and sometimes it be would angrier. Nothing seemed to work for me and i began to feel very depressed and resigned myself to the fact that I would suffer with this for the foreseeable future.

I had decided to have an allergy test as I thought maybe it was something I was eating that was triggering off my skin condition. I rang the Homeopathic Clinic in Crosby, Liverpool to enquire about allergy testing and spoke to Phil Hughes. Phil asked me about the reasons for my enquiry and after explaining the symptoms he advised me that he didn’t think I had an allergy and I should book for a consultation with him.

I was sceptical of Homeopathy and I was uneducated and was brought up to put my trust and faith in Orthodox medicine. I thought that at most Phil would be able to make me feel a bit healthier and would give me some kind of herbal cream for my skin. I felt I had nothing to lose as id tried pretty much EVERYTHING else my doctor had advised with no anvil.

My consultation with Phil was over an hour long, firstly he took the time to educate me about Homeopathy and how it worked. Then after an in debt consultation looking into every aspect of my life and my being, he had the answer to my two year struggle with my health. My skin problems where mental, not physical. Phil gave me a remedy, talked me through how to take it and what signs to look for. Still sceptical I followed his instructions.

Two days later my skin had completely healed, I felt energetic and relaxed. My skin has remained healed ever since. I have also struggled with Asthma for 30 years taking my medication everyday and being restricted in what activities I do and being burdened with having to take my inhalers everywhere I go. After seeing Phil I have not used my inhalers even once or even had a wheeze for over a year. I don’t even know where my inhalers are anymore! Every physical or mental aliment from a sty ro allergic reactions and depression I have had, Phil has been able to help with.

I cant believe that I have never been made aware of Homeopathy and how powerful yet completely SAFE it is. Phil and Rosa have changed my life and how i look at my body and myself. They have educated me, supported me and gave me a passion for looking after and respecting my body, mind and its health. I have learnt to treat the cause NOT the symptoms. Never again still I poison myself with chemicals given to me by my GP to mask a problem.

I have gone from sceptic to a devout follower of Homeopathy. I have encourages all my friends and family and loves ones…..anyone would will listen to try Homeopathy and not one person has gone back to their GO. I think that speaks volumes.


Alternative medicine changed my life

I was first introduced to Homeopathy about 7 years ago. Tired of suffering from severe digestive problems and the side effects of medication, my daughter suggested we pop into the Homeopathy clinic to see if they could help. That day changed my life, and my opinion of alternative medicine.
Homeopathy is not a cure for illness but, as it treads the cause and not the symptoms, it enables the body to help ‘repair’ itself.
I have attended the clinic over the years with various aliments from the common cold, throat infections and more recently with a more serious Thyroid condition.
I have also recommended Homeopathy to my family and friends both for preventative and medical conditions. It is especially helpful for children as the remedies have no harmful side effects and you do not have to take them for a prolonged period of time.
For myself, i find Homeopathy a fascinating area of medicine that has helped all enormously, and as a result of that first visit to Phil Hughes my daughter is now a fully trained Homeopathy in her own right.
Well done Waterloo Homeopathy Clinic, and a very many thanks.



Until July 09, i had been on anti-depressants for 8 years – Anafranil, Tranxene, Librium, Vallium, Dothiepin and Largactil. I was told I would be on Dothiepin for the rest of my life – I have been under psychiatrist and psychologist off and on for 10 years, my life completely changed and turned around the moment I embarked on homeopathy. I have never felt so physically and mentally well in all my 54 years of life.

I will continue with Homeopathy as my way of life, and of keeping myself well. Further information on request. I have not taken any drug, in the past 6-7 months.

Homeopathy changed my life

I was recommended by a friend to Phil last September after suffering a persistent cough for 12 months!I was using an inhaler daily and was not getting any better. I was desperate. After 2 weeks homeopathic treatment, my cough disappeared! It was unbelievable! Since then, i have taken remedies for my arthritic pains and other problems and my general health has greatly improved. In fact, i have not felt so well in years! I cannot thank Phil and Rosa enough for their kindness and support. Homeopathy has definitely changed my life!

Shirley Fisher, Housewife

Two nurses praise Homeopathy

We started with homeopathy threatment for our son more than 5 years ago. Since then, we continue to use to too our daughter who is now two years old. It is a relief to know that there is an alternative treatment rather than giving your children chemicals. Our children respond well to it, they can be unwell with high temperature (even up to 40 C), we give them homeopathy treatment and they will get better with it. Of course, not miraculously but we still have to onserve them as usual. We rarely bring out children to the doctor, in those cases it is by the recommentdation of out homeopath or we use our clinical judgement. Not only that, we can contact out homeopath, Mr. Phil Hughes, anytime (day or night). He is very helpful and supportive. We both work as nurses in the NHS trust but we believe in alternative medicine without disreguarding modern medicine.

Mr and Mrs Gayagoy

‘I’ve got my life back’

I have severe Athetoid Cerebral Palsy; i cant wait, talk or use my hands. Three years ago, i began to feel pain in my right groin, which developed into a severe continuous pain. I was in absolute agony all the time; it got to the point where i couldn’t sleep or lay down. I was going to and from the doctors and hospital; lots of tests, scans and X-rays were done. Eventually, they found out that the pain was caused by my displaced his – bone rubbing on bone. An operation is out of the question because of my involuntary movements, a new hip would become dislocated again.

I was given so many tablets and other medication to try to ease the pain; they caused some serious side effects. I ended up taking 26 tablets a day, which never touched the pain. I didn’t have a life; y leg was in constant spasm and i couldn’t straighten or move my leg without being in excruciating pain. I think i was on the verge of depression and it wasn’t fair on my parents having to watch me going through agony – knowing they couldn’t do anything to help.

I was at the point where i was willing to try anywhere, so i decided to try homeopathy. I went to see Phil and within a few months of taking the alternative remedies; the pain has decreased drastically – i am able to move and i want to do things where i didn’t before. I have my life back again – I feel really healthy and much happier!!!! I have reduced all my prescription tablets to 1 a day and in a few weeks i wont be on any. I know some people are sceptic about alternative remedies. I was a bit sceptical at first then i felt the incredible improvement. Homeopathy seems to be working really well on me.

Thank you so much Phil and Rosa for helping me, i am enjoying life again….

I would recommend homeopathy to anybody who isn’t well or has pains. What have you got to lose?

Alana Wadkin

Retired teacher talks about Homeopathy

I would strongly recommend homeopathy as a non-invasive form of treatment. I cam to Phil with a long standing digestive problem, that came and went, so like many people, i did nothing about it until the problem became acute. I was at the stage where every meal was uncomfortable. Something had to be done!
I began treatment in January 2007 and within the first few weeks the problem became less frequent. It took me a while to understand how Homeopathy works, but i found Phil to be very sympathetic to this and helpful in the way he explained things. As time went on the symptoms became less and after a few months had disappeared completely.
What has impressed me is the fact Phil is not just looking at the problem but at my whole well being, finding his remedies that suit my constitution. I would encourage anyone to go with confidence that they will be listened to in a sensitive way and encourages to improve whole well being.

L.M. Wills

Homeopathy works for me. A few kind words from our patients

Homeopathy worked for me. In the spring of 2002, i developed a stiffening and great pain in both thumbs, which my GP diagnosed as tenosynovitis; he said “there are as many cures as there are people with the problem and referred me to the local hospital for a cortisone injection. As i was already having difficulty washing, dressing and feeding myself, i suggested physiotherapy, but had to pay for it myself. After a few sessions the physiotherapist advised me to try alternative therapies as i was having no success. After consulting Phil Hughes and following his instructions i did not need any hospital appointment – HOMEOPATHY WORKS FOR ME.
Earlier that year, after three lots of antibiotics for a chest infection, i was left with swollen glands in my neck. After the stress of having blood tests, a camera up my nose and down into my throat, and an MRI scan of my head and neck (at what cost to the NHS). I was told that the only finding was a birth defect – i was surprised at this, as i was 61 years old and had never such a problem before. When it recurred the following year, i consulted Phil and after two doses of the prescribed remedy, the swelling disappeared for the last time. AGAIN HOMEOPATHY WORKED FOR ME.
I could continue – cystitis, bleeding growth on my breast, stress, back pain, etc. HOMEOPATHY WORKED QUICKLY AND PAINLESSLY EVERY TIME.

At 69 years of age, i am healthier than i have ever been – the only money the NHS spends on me is on the wasted paper and postage used to invite me for my breast screening or flu vaccines. NO THANK YOU – HOMEOPATHY WORKS FOR ME AND IM SURE FOR OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE DENIED IT BY THE BLINKERED POLITICIANS.

Lillian Hulme
Waterloo, Liverpool

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